A Cheap, Easy Way to Spruce Up Your Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets

by Amy Davenport
(Conroe, TX)

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A simple decoration that can add a lot of character to a bathroom or kitchen is to change the drawer pulls and the door knobs.

An easy and cheap way to add something special to your cabinets in the kitchen is to add some handles of old spoons or forks. You can find forks and spoons for pretty cheap at garage sales and thrift stores.

What you do is polish them up nicely and then take a reciprocating saw and saw off the spoon or the prongs of a fork to just leave the handles. Then take a screw and screw straight through the handle into the drawer. You may need to pre-drill holes. Then you have a brand new look to your kitchen without a lot of hard work.

A cute idea for the bathroom would be to use a strip of cloth as drawer pulls. Just cut a piece of fabric that you like into fairly small strips that will fit through the hole in the drawer. Then an easy way to get it to stay and add a little something extra is to thread it through an oversized button. Simply thread it through the button and tie it in a knot.

Now you have a cheap, easy way to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom.

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