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Best Website Builder . . . My website and the issues I have had are proof of the pudding, so to speak! If you are looking for a way, in time, to quite your day job, read on!

This is NOT a "Get Rich Quick Business Solution", but it is a "Make Very Good Money Solution" for those with "BAM".

OK, What is "BAM"? Click below to find out, but just know it, that I am proof this system works. I have been at this since September of '09, and I couldn't be more happy. Don't just take my word for it, look at the following SBI Sites of other folks.

Do You Have a Great SBI Site?

Did you use the best website builder . . . SBI to create a "content rich" traffic site?

If so, tell your SBI story! Share with our visitors your success in building a website that drives traffic.

Add your website link information in your submission, and if you like my "content rich" site, a link back would be greatly appreciated!

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If you are NOT a current user of SBI, the best website builder, and want to know more about it . . .

Click on the following link, and read and study the information you find there. Do it when you have time to study. The more you read, the more you will know whether this is for you. If you are looking to get rich quick, it is probably not for you.

Click Here if you want to get to the meat without going through the grinder!

But if you are looking for the best website builder for generating traffic that will monetize (generate residual income), you have been fortunate indeed. I only speak from experience. Back in August of '09 I thank my lucky stars I clicked on a website that led me to the Site Build It System!

I didn't say that this "system" was the best "Pretty Picture" builder.

What do you mean, "Pretty Picture"?

That's all I had! A pretty picture, until I found the best website builder system. That's what most websites are! Nobody sees them, they are buried under millions of other sites.

My website dilemma began long before I ever heard about Site Build It and the great solution it was for me!

Whew, I'm not sure what I would have done had I not found it!
SBI! Proof Shortly after realizing I needed a "Web Presence", I asked around and was given a referral to a web site designer. I gave him a call. He informed me that he thought he could get me online for somewhere between $1,200.00 and $1,500.00.

He showed me some samples of his work, we struck a deal, and a few weeks or so later, I had my very own web site (Pretty Picture). I didn't know squat about creating one by myself, and so this seemed reasonable at the time.

First problems encountered:

- Getting changes done in a timely fashion was very difficult. Often days or weeks later because I was relying on someone else's schedule.

- Every small change was costing me $45.00 per hour, and that included my time to explain my changes.

- This web designer created a nice looking web site with an email contact page, but did not give me any information regarding site keywords, traffic stats, or as I learned later, how to optimize my site.

I vaguely knew this stuff existed, but did not know how important it was!

Of course at that time my understanding was that if you built the site people would find you.

As time passed, I realized people were not pressing the "Contact Us" button to send me an email, because my site was buried under so many million other sites, that I wasn't being seen at all.

Bad, bad, bad!

Web Design . . . Second Time Around!

A few years later I thought my site just needed to be updated, you know, look more professional. I paid an additional $1,500.00 thinking that it was the poor design that turned people away from my site.

After all, "You get what you pay for!" I thought.

I began to pay more attention to all of these web site optimization calls and emails I had been receiving. I called one of them, and for $2,500.00, and $100.00 per month, these people would fix everything, and keep it that way.

So I threw some more money at my problem, and I will have to admit that it helped! Some!

I was getting emails generated from my web site once in a while.

The most discouraging aspect of it all was the thought: My own destiny is out of my control.

SBI! Traffic Test

Web Design . . . Take Three!

While doing research on training horses, I came across a site that asked the question, "Do you want to be able to create and make changes on your own web site"?

That sentence asked what I was looking for, the best website builder!

In my case the answer was definitely YES, but I did not have much confidence at all in my ability to do it. And I was more than cautious about what it would cost. I didn't know that the solution was in the best website builder system. System is the keyword!

Well all of these questions were answered with the reassurance that you didn't need to know how (it is supplied) and if you need help (that's supplied too!) And the money, (I could set my own budget). So I investigated further.

Good, good, good! In fact great is a better word! I found the best website builder, and my problems began to fade.

Ken Evoy, the best website builder brainchild didn't pull any punches though. "There are no get rich quick solutions, and if anyone tells you there are, run the other direction as fast as you can"!

And I will add, 'Hold on to your wallet tight, and expect to hear a great big sucking sound at your back side!

Sorry, back to the good guys . . .

I have learned more than I ever thought possible! Especially since I didn't think I was smart enough to do this kind of stuff. (Turns out I didn't need to!) I couldn't believe how simple, well structured and wow, the help that is available is awesome!

Have you ever tried taking a drink from a fire hose?

Well, if you're drinking from the best website builder hose, that's what it's like. You don't need to thirst for knowledge anymore!

The Big Pay Back with Site Build It!

With the help of Solo Build It, I am no longer paying someone else for work I can do! I can update my site at my leisure, and I am learning how to make more money doing it!

But most importantly I now have the answer to my questions, "How does someone get noticed on the web?" And, "What is the best website builder available". I didn't say "pretty picture" builder.

And even more importantly I know how to make money too, with my business on the web!

Solo Build It will answer these and a million more questions you might have! Honestly! Every time I turn around, there is more information to help me succeed!

And a ton of people just like me in the Solo Build It Forums, ready to pay it forward to those who need a little help!

I started this site Sept. 19, 2009. Today is May 26, 2010. My Alexa Ranking is already better than my old site, and my Google Page Rank is already the same as my old site. I already have 25% more traffic than on a good day with my old site. My old site is over 4 years old. You be the judge!

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This is what did it for me!

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