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New Product Marketing

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New Product Marketing . . . For our valued, loyal customers.

Wet Jet Precision, Inc. appreciates our loyal customers. To demonstrate that appreciation, I am offering to all of our customers the opportunity to create your own web page on this site. Use this page to "Toot Your Horn", and for your new product marketing.

This web page can link to your your business web site, and promote your business.

The only requirement will be that you upload a picture of either the raw cut product, or the finished assembled product that our shop helped to create.

If we helped in the creation of more than one of your products, you are entitled to a seperate web page for each type of product. Not each size.

My preference would be a photo of the finished product. I would also like you to only send in quality pictures. I would ask that you optimize your part/project photo. Keep it around 20 kb if possible. If you do not have the appropriate software for optimization, not a problem. Go ahead and upload the photo anyway. I will optimize it for you.

If you feel inadequate about creating this page, just drop me an email, or give me a call and I will give you whatever help you may need.

Customer loyalty programs . . . just how much do I appreciate my customers? A lot! This is a win-win situation. I help with your new product marketing, and you increase sales, which translates into new waterjet cutting purchase orders. Hopefully, this idea will help send visitors to your site, they will buy your products, and we will help you make them.

If you desire a "hot link", and know the html code for your link, go ahead and put your link in. Otherwise, just type in your URL, and I will put in the html.

At this point I don't have an easy way for you to put those hot links in place by yourself.

I greatly appreciate you, so be sure and give me a call if you have any problems. We'll see what we can do together.

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Do You Have A Web Presence?
Did We Help Create A Project For You?

Let's set up a win-win-win situation!

Create a new web page promoting the product that we helped create, and at the same time promote your own business and/or web site.

Our visitors benefit, you benefit, and if our visitors order your products, we will benefit.

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