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Visitor comments are extremely important to me! Sharing your stories about good and poor customer service, is a gentle way for me to "take a hint" and possibly adjust our customer service for the better. On, the other hand, hearing your good customer service stories, will help me identify where we are doing a great job.

In addition to good and poor service, this page, and the connecting pages are designed to hear the comments of our visitors.

Share your stories!

Share your home decor projects.

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Let's start off with a discussion about your "Best Customer Service".
Or, if you've thought real hard about it, and can only remember those Customer Service Skill episodes where "Keep your Cool", "Patience, Patience", "Don't Explode" was the only apparent skill present, that's fine too.

Also, If you have experienced a company that provided great customer service share your story and the name of that business at "Best Web Pages" for great customer service!

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Share your stories with our other visitors. We'll publish your page, and let our visitors comment. Everyone has something to add.

And thanks in advance for your positive input!

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