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Aug 02, 2013

Water Jet Cutting vs Laser, Plasma, or EDM

Water Jet Cutting. How It Works. It pays good money to know when to use each![netinsert=]

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Sep 12, 2011

Contribute to Water Jet Cutting

Would you like to share your knowledge about water jet cutting? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Apr 21, 2011

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Contact Us Page

Everything You Wanted To Know About Abrasive Waterjet Cutting, and Were Afraid to Ask! Go Ahead and Contact Us!

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Mar 31, 2011

Fast Custom Business Signs . . . Made to Order!

Custom business signs are the "Face of Your Business". What does your signage say about your business? Where will your professional business signs be located?

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Feb 12, 2011

Hydrogen Assist For Diesel Engines! Part 4

Conclusion of H20 Performance testing - continued . . . Part 4

The observations from the instructor that conducted the study are as follows:

Opacity: During the testing for Particulate Matter reduction or Opacity, all of the testing went as planned with the exception of equipment failure during the Corsa truck final run in which we were unable to perform the final snap test. The results show significant improvement on average with the Hype unit installed and running during the snap tests. Improvements were greater on engines of lesser displacement while larger displacement engines did not show improvement and the largest engine showed higher opacity during full load runs on the dynamometer. However the ambient temps were considerably higher during final testing of the largest engine and were acontributing factor.

NOx: Testing for NOx went as planned with no apparent problems. The reduction in NOx was significant in all testing conditions and in all engines with the exception of the largest two engines at full load. However ambienttemperatures were much higher on these engines during the second test than during the first and were acontributing factor. Full load is a condition where a truck would spend the least amount of time during operation.

CO2: Although the testing did not target this emission it is noteworthy that in all conditions and engines CO2reductions were apparent.

Horsepower: Horsepower tests were done on the Dynamometer at Wheeler machinery in Hurricane, Utah. Three runs were done to find the average and that number was recorded. Although there was no significant increase in peak horsepower or torque, there was a noted difference when the torque reached its peak in all cases. The torque reached its peak sooner in all cases. This researcher believes this is what attributes to the more responsivefeel that has been reported by the drivers and most likely the cause of the increased mileage.

Quality of product: This researcher has scrutinized the HYPE unit inside and out and has looked at the quality of workmanship as well as the safety of the unit, although the main goal in testing was if the HYPE met expectations and to what degree. This researcher found the fit and finish to be of the highest quality of any aftermarket product I have ever installed. The ease of installation, operation and use was also found to be more than acceptable. I found that the HYPE operated flawlessly in my vehicle as well as the trucks we in which we tested it. I could get about 24 hours of operation between fill ups of water and found that the exhaust temps ran lower in my personal vehicle. I also noted an increase in mileage and a perception of increased power.

Damon J Atkinson

Diesel Technology Instructor

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Jan 29, 2011

H2O Performance Manufactures Fuel Assist Fuel Cells

Wet Jet Precision's Customer Loyalty Program uses their new product marketing to highlight H20 Performance's Fuel Cell technology . . . H2O Performance

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Jan 29, 2011

Hydrogen Assist For Diesel Engines! Part 3

Conclusion of H20 Performance testing - continued . . . Part 3

A real-world study needed to include real-world scenarios such as variety in truck and engine. The study was doneunder the direction and supervision of Damon Atkinson, an ASE certified Master Truck Technician and Dieselmechanics instructor at the Dixie Applied Technology College in St.George, Utah. The H2O device was installed on the following trucks:

Engine: 3406E Cat 550 Horsepower,

Truck: 1998 Peterbilt

Engine: ISX Cummins 500 Horsepower,

Truck: 1998 Peterbilt

Engine: 3406E Cat 500 Horsepower, Truck

1997 Kenworth

Engine: Duramax LBZ, Truck: 2007 Chevrolet

Engine: 7.3L Powerstroke, Truck: 2000 Ford

A variety of engines with real world scenarios are accompanied by real world problems. A number of companiesin our local area were willing to participate in our study, but every company offered limited access to the trucks in their fleet, and every company mitigated their risk by limiting the number of trucks the H2O (Hype) product was installed on to only one or two trucks within the fleet.

Given these conditions, it became evident that gathering all the information we intended to collect in a study such as this would require a full-time staff of more than one person to organize, track and coordinate the schedules of half a dozen individuals in various locations working forvarious companies and traveling various routes. With limited resources, this level of coordination proved impossible to achieve.

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Jan 28, 2011

Hydrogen Assist For Diesel Engines! Part 2

Conclusion of H20 Performance testing - continued . . . Part 2

Based upon these three observations, it was determined that the key to penetrating this market andcommercializing the H2O product was not to promote the scientific evidence found in the controlled studies, butto counter the negative relationship established by previous products and the essential willing participant byimplementing units on voluntary participants at no or minimal cost and gathering real-world information from theimplementation of the units including: emissions (CO2, CO, O2,NOx,) and engine performance.

This type of studywould have a two-fold effect:

1) It would add to the data of hydrogen emissions implementation albeit through a less than scientific method, and

2) more importantly, if it were successful, it would generate positive word-of-mouth enthusiasm for the implementation of this product.

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Jan 27, 2011

Hydrogen Assist For Diesel Engines!

Wet Jet Precision cuts many parts for a fuel cell designed to assist diesel engines. This fuel cell is marketed under the brand name HYPE, or Hydrogen Performance Equipment.

A "real world" study was conducted by Dixie Applied Technology College in Southern Utah regarding the ability to commercialize this "HYPE" fuel cell manufactured by H2O Performance.

I will in a series of blogs piece-meal the results of this study to those who follow my site blog.

Conclusion of H20 Performance testing

Prior to Grant funding of the H2O project, a great deal of market research was conducted by the company, and three important observations were documented:

1) The market for this product was present for the following two reasons: it would reduce the cost of fuel consumptions by billions of dollars in the North American market alone and it would reduce green-house gases. The latter reason will be very valuable in the future as restrictions onemissions are put in place, but the former presented an immediate need and a market that was easier to penetrate.

2) There were many products similar to this product that had diminished the prospects of mass commercialization by implementing poorly constructed products that cause costly damage to the engines that they were placed in. This hampered the trust between the inventor and the truck owner.

3) Scientific studies withcontrolled elements had been conducted and the results were conclusive that hydrogen injection into the fuelstream reduced emissions, and increased mileage and engine performance.

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Jan 25, 2011

Custom Sign Manufacturing . . . Quality Spells Success!

Custom Sign Manufacturing . . . Why do we make signs? What does a poorly designed sign tell about you? What type of sign do I need?

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Jan 13, 2011

Knifemaking Supplies . . . Knife Blade Blanks

Knifemaking Supplies for those looking for knife blade blanks. Do you forge, grind, or waterjet?

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Nov 26, 2010

Home Spa

Home Decorators Collection . . . Find quality Christian framed artwork, Christian plaques, home decor gifts, oriental alabaster, bathroom storage cabinets,

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Nov 19, 2010

How To Make Knives - Types of Steel - Custom Knife Making

how to make knives, hunting knives, knife blade blanks

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Nov 18, 2010

Metal Fabrication Tools . . . Water Jet Cutting Equipment For Your

Do your metal fabrication tools include water cutting? Are you leaving money on the table?

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Nov 18, 2010

Build Your Own Fuel Cell. . .You Can Do It!

Build Your Own Fuel Cell - What are the basics of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell? It's really pretty simple!

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Nov 17, 2010

Simple Tin Style Backsplash

Home Decorators Collection . . . When I moved into my new home, the kitchen was a disaster and needed to be gutted and re-done. I was on a tight budget

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Nov 17, 2010


Home Decorators Collection . . . STARLIGHTS is my idea. What does it look like? Simple, put glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling . . . so every time

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Nov 16, 2010

Make Your Home Unique and Pleasant!

Home Decorators Collection . . . Bringing nature into your home is one of the ways to give your home that elegant, refined, natural look. Growing green

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Nov 15, 2010

Aquariums give your home color, life, light and conversation pieces.

Home Decorators Collection . . . One of the best ways to have a lively feel in your household is by having things that are alive in it. Aquariums are

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Nov 13, 2010

Copy Design Within Reach's E27 Pendant

Design Within Reach has great, simplistic design, but do you really want to spend $99 for a hanging lightbulb? See them here: http://www.dwr.com/product/lighting/ceiling/pendants-chandeliers/e27-pendant.do?sortby=ourPicks

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Nov 13, 2010

Wall-to-Wall Curtains

Home Decorators Collection . . . Wall-to-wall curtains are a great way to avoid the messy and time consuming process of painting, and they add drama to

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Nov 12, 2010

Personalized Birthday Gifts

Personalized Birthday Gifts, Silhouette Art, Best Birthday Gifts

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Nov 12, 2010

Male Birthday Gift Ideas . . . Why Didn't I Think of That?

Male Birthday Gift Ideas are a Dime a Dozen, but Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Men . . . Now We're Talking!

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Nov 12, 2010

Unique Personalized Gifts . . . Plant the "Memory Seed"!

Unique personalized gifts . . . express feelings using innovation and novelty. An unique gift says what words alone can not!

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Nov 11, 2010

Easy and Inexpensive Way to Decorate

Home Decorators Collection . . . A very easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home is to use photographs or illustrations from old (or new) calendars.

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Nov 11, 2010

Home Of Modern Era

Homes built these days must have all the modern day technology and techniques without which the home will be incomplete. To start with the exteriors,

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Nov 09, 2010

Home Decor Project

Home Decorators Collection . . . I live in a small house with a back yard, so I would love to do something with the back yard. I would love to be able

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Nov 06, 2010

My Dream Home

Home Decorators Collection . . . In the modern era, homes must be equipped with different modern facilities and gadgets. Starting with the entrance,

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Nov 06, 2010

An Antique Doll Collection

Home Decorators Collection . . . For my antique doll collection, I sawed a long piece of chip board into a plank that would fit between the walls of a

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Nov 06, 2010

Western Home Decor . . . Nothing Like the Real Thing!

Western Home Decor from Weddings to the Rodeo

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