Why Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
Other CNC Metal Cutting Tools?

Simple Answer! 'Drum Roll'. . .
It Is
the Most Versatile Cutting Machine!

Abrasive Water Jet Cutting . . . Why is it the ultimate metal cutting tool? Why not laser cutters? Am I wrong in considering Plasma, or Oxyfuel?

Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

The answer is "It depends". What are you cutting? What are your tolerances, etc.?

Click on the following link if you are a "Newbie" and just want to know how these water jet cutters work.

Or . . . perhaps you can click on this link if you are wondering "What does CNC Machine Programming, or, "Computerized Numerical Control" have to do with Abrasive Water Jet Cutting?"

If you are wondering what this waterjet machine can cut, it will be much easier to list what it can not cut!

    Tempered glass. . .shatters, and all it needs is an excuse to do so.

    Select ceramics. . .those that are very, very, very brittle. Cover your sneeze while working around these materials. I guess it’s not quite that critical.

Alright already! Very interesting!

    Now, you’re thinking. . .what about regular glass?

    Tell me about cutting “tool steel”.
    Not quite like slicing through butter, but still not a problem.

    Zip right through it.
    How about food?
    Right again, but no abrasive with food! Of course we’re not going to try to cut food with laser cutting tools. Maybe we could cook it while we cut it!

    Seriously though, other metal cutting equipment have their place, and they perform well when used in their place.

    Ok then, what about some of the other metal cutting tools available?

    There are other cutting tools, but you are looking at the "profile cutting" competition.

    Each of these processes, when compared with Wet Jet Precision's Abrasive Water Jet Cutting, are strong in certain comparisons, but weak in others.

    And that is why. . .

    Water Jet Cutting Machines have many advantages. Everyone needs one in their back yard, 'cause. . . you don't have to worry about the Heat Affected Zone, you can stack cut, you can cut thicknesses ranging from very thin foils to 6 plus inches, and it is relatively easy to learn.

    It is the Most Versatile Cutting Machine! Besides that, it is a lot of fun to run.

    Does it sound as though I like my waterjet? You bet I do!

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