Do My Metal Fabrication Tools Include Water Jet Machinery?

Am I Leaving Money On The Table?

Metal Fabrication Tools

Metal fabrication tools are extremely important in the manufacturer's "tool box".

Does my tool box include Water Jet Cutters?

Manufacturing companies are always looking for a cost effective edge.

All metal fabrication tools are not created equal!

Am I concerned about material waste?

Have I considered the Industrial Metal Finishing of my project, and will I need to consider secondary processes on my cut edge?

Have I considered stack cutting?

Have I analyzed the man hours that go into setup and CNC Machine Programming for my CNC mills, etc.

What about the electrical demand charges I face by simply turning on a laser cutter? Am I using it where it is most cost effective?

What about my inventories? Am I sitting (committing my working capital) on a boat load of inventory? Have I implemented "Just in Time" (JIT) inventory controls. Am I running lean?

An old gentleman I once knew gave me some good advice. Advice is as valuable as what you pay for it. I didn't pay him anything for it, but I have remembered it never the less.

"Your first loss is your best loss". Seems like a pretty simple statement on the surface.

Do I need to lose money before I feel the pain?

Am I leaving profits on the table because I have been unwilling to change my paradigm? After all, this is how my dad did it! Did he have the tools available to him that I do?

Maybe. . .he did it the way his dad did it!

Is there a better way? A more cost effective way? A labor saving way? A way to save materials?

Yes, but I have to look outside the box to see it! Look outside of the box, and you may see an Abrasive Water Jet Cutting machine.

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