by Richa Bansal
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Our Home is the only place where we can get the maximum peace of mind after coming back from our work. If you want to live a good and sweet life with your family, you should maintain your home properly. It should be clean and decorated with good show pieces.

Good color selection is very important for a good decoration. My husband likes light colors but I don't like light colors . . . so we have done one thing, made a combination of both dark and light colors.

One wall of a room will be a dark color or it can be any darker design, and the other walls will be the lighter shades of a similar color. My room looks really very nice.

My bedroom is the only place in my home where I spend minimum time, but it gives me maximum peace of mind. The color of my room is light purple with one designer wall of matching colors. There is a flower area also in the bedroom with beautiful fragnances. The colors of the flowers are according to the wall colors. There is a night lamp by my bed with similar beautiful colored lights.

Apart from my bedroom, in my home is 1 kid's room, 1 guest room and 1 room for my in-laws. All are decorated with good colors.

What about your home? What do you do to set it apart?

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