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A home is the abode of peace, prosperity, and pleasure. It is here that the life is made and passed. So a home should have a pleasant surrounding outside, and a cheerful environment inside.

My home is a single building. Inside the home there are five main rooms . . . a Drawing room, a bed room, a study room, a store room, and a dining / kitchen room. Besides these rooms, there is a lavatory, a bath room, and a urinal.

My drawing room is well furnished and decorated. There are two sofa sets facing each other. In the four corners of the room, beautiful dolls stand on small stools. On the western wall, there is a showcase of glass. Five pieces have been placed in it. Towards the eastern side there lies a table and two chairs. It is mainly for my father who works at it, and receives his various visitors. Adjacent to the drawing room, there is a big bed room. It is more spacious than the drawing room. We spread five cots in it at night. The study room is decorated with pictures, and moral sayings of great men. There is one table , two chairs, and one book shelf.

I keep my room neat and clean. The room has two windows and four ventilators. I feel quite at my studies in my room. The store room has a box-room in which the boxes of valuables have been placed. This room has four shelves. In the kitchen, the meals are cooked, and we take our meals at the dinning table in the room adjacent to the kitchen.

Thus, there are all sorts of comforts in my home. I like my home very much.

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