Alien House

by Tushar Saxena
(Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh, India)

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This house would be like an alien house.

The best part of the house would be the transportation pipes. There would be a small suction motor that works pretty much like a vacuum cleaner, but more powerful than that.

Each room would have a pair of pipes at a common place, preferably where the inhabitant sits most. There would be a "CARRIER" pipe and a "RECEIVER" pipe.

The carrier would take the things away from the room while the receiver brings them to it. There would be an interconnected mess of pipes running through the house.

The main shifter would probably be in the kitchen, or some other common area.

How it would work:

For example, you are sitting in the living room and you want a bottle of juice and your wife is in the kitchen. So in this house, she just shifts the suction force to the living room receiver pipes, (with just some nobs ) and you receives the bottle.

In the same manner she shifts the nob to the dustbin thrower pipe and when you have finished the juice, you can put the bottle in the carrier pipe of the living room. It would go directly to the dustbin.

This is one of the ideas of using suction pipes in houses.

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