Amazing Customer Service Experience at Citibank

by Meenakshi Gulati
(Delhi, India)

Best Customer Service . . .

I want you to know that I'm very pleased and impressed with the quality of service that Citibank provides. I sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct business.

My experience has always been satisfactory, however, I couldn't stop myself from writing this article about them to let all of you know how this ‘satisfactory experience’ turned into a ‘Fantastic one’. It's a pleasure dealing with people who know the meaning of efficiency and CUSTOMER SERVICE and who value other people’s time as well.

I'm highly impressed with the excellent customer service provided by both Ms. Vinita Pharthya & Ms. Namita Saini. I give special thanks to Ms. Namita for taking the trouble to give me support even during a personal crisis. I greatly appreciate this gesture.

I thank Citibank once again, and I feel grateful to be one of the Citibank customers. I look forward to doing business with them for many years to come.

I sincerely appreciate them for their concern, and the resolution of my problem given by their employees.

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