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Arts and crafts decor for your home can enhance the beauty and happiness of it.

I am an arts and crafts teacher, and so I love to decorate with a variety of show pieces like painted broom sticks, dry twigs, bamboo sticks, huge palm leaves, etc.

I have done a lot of rare paintings that give 3D effects. I use in these paintings tiny crystal beads, twigs, cotton, porcelain dough, clay, bread dough, sola wood(treated tapioca peel), dry natural flowers and leaves, and artificial fabric flowers that are handmade, etc., to enhance the beauty of my home.

I love to do oil paintings on canvas. Mainly abstract paintings.

In the kid's room, I have made my kid's hand prints framed beautifully, and that's a great show piece in our home. The walls of their bedroom were also painted by me. I gave them a theme of cartoon characters.

In the kitchen, I made some 3D paintings with spices like cardomon, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, etc. Use of indoor plants can also add a great look to your home. A good and maintained kitchen garden and sit out garden gives a fresh feeling in my home.

Decorating homes is my passion.

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