Best Buy: Living Up To Their Name

by Tim

Best Customer Service . . .

Best Buy has always been of the highest ranking of customer service in my book. I have returned products I did not need with no hassle and the customer service was excellent. They were not reluctant to give me my money back.

My favorite demonstration was how the associate helped me with the purchase of my laptop. My laptop was not in stock. I had to have it ordered and it came within two days. I walked into the store and picked up my Sony Vaio laptop and I love it. The customer service was amazing.

The workers are very knowledgeable about their jobs and get a big thumbs up. I definitely recommend purchasing electronics at Best Buy, as the workers really know what they are talking about. They also really know their software and hardware. The workers are always looking to help you out with a purchase or a selection of product.

All in all, Best Buy is my absolute number one place to shop for electronics, and their customer service will blow any other stores' away. In the store, a person feels free to ask anyone for help. They work together to make your experience the best it can be.

My experiences at Best Buy have been very good and I will continue to do my shopping at their stores.

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