Best Customer Service with Amazon

by Matthew McGuire

My best customer service experience was with

I find their website easy to use. The prices and products they feature are quality items at a great price. I frequently order DVD's, books, and other items through their website.

I had never had any issues with the shipment, or condition of my items. However, on one particular occasion I ordered a book and did not receive it in the 7-10 day period that was quoted at the time of purchase. I contacted a representative at Amazon who was extremely helpful. The representative put in a new request for the book at no charge to me and got it shipped to me within two days. I was thoroughly pleased with their quick response to my request.

It was great to work with a company who was concerned about meeting my expectations as a customer. The representative was helpful and truly concerned about getting my book to me as soon as possible. I will continue to be a loyal shopper.

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