by Christine
(Cadillac, MI)

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I have a pretty bubbly personality.

I was trying to come up with an idea for my home office when I was thinking, "this should be a reflection of me where I can relax, get serious, and yet still have fun"! So I thought of my bubbly personality and went with a bubble theme It ended up as a very elegant, yet fun, room!

On the walls I chose my base color as a warm cream. Then I made my own templates . . . and using a white with blue hint in a pearlescent color and a white with a slight pink pearlescent tone, I made 'bubbles' of varing sizes. The largest bubble was about 2 feet in diameter.

I then took white glass beads, like what you find in a floral department, and glued them on the wall in random spots.

For my furniture I chose creamy whites. My desk was a plain white, with glass a top. I glued those flat beads on the edges all around. As an accent color, I chose silver and a teensy bit of gold. Then for my desk chair I opted for a silver colored balance ball.

Needless to say, it works for me, and it's fun. I can actually work in there, and it is elegant!

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