Cheap Home Decor . . . Patio Bar

by Connie

Inexpensive Patio Bar

Inexpensive Patio Bar

I purchased a house late this summer with a great double deck leading up to my pool.

I realized quickly that even though the deck is large enough to accommodate two patio tables, with my big extended family, seating was going to be a problem.

In addition, the sound is directly across the street from my home and from the one end of the deck I have a beautiful water view.

I came up with this very inexpensive idea for additional seating on my deck. It is so simple. We are just adding a self (bar) just under the rail and adding some inexpensive stools.

Voila'... instant extra seating that doesn't take any of my deck space away. Bonus to me, I can sit and drink my coffee in the morning and look right out over the water.

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