by Jedidah Wanjiru Ndwiga

Best Customer Service . . .

I bet you can bear me witness that conductors are known to be rough in Kenya. However, I came to realize that some are particularly human.

I happened to be late as I was traveling, and ended up stranded in a town I didn't know well. True to the saying, 'Calamity never comes singly', there was no vehicle prying the route to my residence. I had no phone and no money to rent an inn. As I stood dumbfounded and transfixed near a petrol station, which served as a stage at night, a conductor from the well known '4N.T.E Vehicles Association' approached me.

With my prior perception of conductors, I dismissed his questions as a loophole to exploitation. He however managed to convince me that he had no ill motive and offered to assist me to get a public booth so as to call a friend. The first one we found was out of order so he took me to another one, waited until I had made the call and all the necessary arrangements, took me back to the petrol station where I would be picked up by a friend, and then bid me good night.

4N.T.E Vehicles Association's conductors, you beat the rest in a competitive public vehicle industry in Kenya.

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