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Country Home Decor . . . Are you looking for a simpler, more casual look? Is it a time tested style? Why is this simple and sturdy style so appealling?

Country western home decor design and style is popular for its romantic curves. It is much less assuming, less complicated in design with clean lines, much softer edges, and mellowed finishes than traditional furniture.

Country home furniture is well-known for its inviting and relaxing appearance, and may be appropriately utilized to furnish a single room, or all the rooms of a house.

Most country furniture offers a particular primitive look, with the very best of such examples falling into the classification of folk art. Some of the more primitive looking country decor is actually finished utilizing an antiquing process.

Country home decor is not purely used for decorative purposes, which helps make it to be family friendly. Home and hearth, is what it really is all about. Often rustic, always sturdy and durable, functional and relaxing, it often bears a local or ethnic appearance.

Generally, country home decor furniture is finished in a natural color, such as honey brown, or light natural pine. This country style of furniture was historically made of the elements and materials available, such as pine, or maple, with minimal ornamentation.

Country funiture was often marked by regional characteristics determined by materials locally obtainable by area craftsmen, and sometimes influenced by sophisticated urban designs. Because the main material used in country home decor is wood, upholstery materials are generally worked around the woods and these fabrics may run the full range of readily available choices, textures, and colors.

Dating country furniture is challenging because design and style ideas and types of construction remained for many years in rural areas while the style and construction methods changed in the city. Even so, furniture created by country artisans, varyied from purely practical pieces created by amateurs to expertly crafted and carved work based on high-end furniture created for the wealthy. Still, it remains much simpler than traditional designs and styles. More stylish designs such as marquetry or gilding are not found on this style of furniture.

The style of country home decor is certainly one that is desired by both designers and homeowners. Purchasing country home furniture is a wonderful choice regardless of whether you've got a "city" home, a brand-new log home, are redecorating a vacation cabin, or simply have the desire for a more casual lifestyle. This kind of decor is as natural in a fine home on the ranch as it is within the city where a western decor may be desired.

The Windsor chair is probably the best-known example of country home decor furnishings. There are many styles and sub-styles associated with country furniture. They will always remain a time tested, simple, rustic d├ęcor style.

And while your furnishings are not going to come with an old musty smell, they will have style, charm, and utility to satisfactorily serve your rustic log cabin, vacation cottage, western ranch house, or your casual country furniture needs.
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