Easy and Inexpensive Way to Decorate

by Lisa
(Philadelphia, PA)

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A very easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home is to use photographs or illustrations from old (or new) calendars. Most everyone has an old calendar laying around that could be reused for this project.

Another option is to hit the sales at bookstores and kiosks in the mall after January and stock up on some inexpensive calendars. Sometimes the Dollar Store is a great place to find calendars as well!

After you have found a suitable calendar with photographs that you like, all you need to do is carefully trim the photograph down to the size of a frame that you would like to hang in your house.

I prefer using black and white photos and framing them with black or silver frames. You could easily decorate a room with 4 or 5 pictures from calendars! It is a very simple project and will only take minutes to complete.

You could even use photographs such as these in rooms like your bathroom, a finished basement, child’s room, or guest room! It can look classy with black and white photos, fun with children’s cartoon characters, or masculine with photos of old cars!

Another idea is to use a calendar with photographs of another country or exotic destinations. These photographs might perhaps remind you of a favorite vacation spot, or maybe take you on a “visual vacation”.

They will make your house look fabulous!

The next time you are in a store that sells calendars, take a quick look at all of the decoration opportunities that are right in front of your eyes, waiting for you to take advantage of them! Or, take a few minutes now to look around your house for an old calendar that is just waiting to be repurposed.

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