Exceptional Service with a Doctor

by Dennis

Best customer service? I can think of one that really stands out. I am taking care of my elderly mother. She had a bump on her finger and had it looked at. A hand specialist, Dr. Hanes, looked at it.

Our first visit was scheduled for 2:00. We arrived a few minutes early as is my habit. We were given forms to fill out and that was done by our appointment time. Mom was taken immediately into an examination room where she waited all of five minutes. She was seen and the Dr. recommended the bump be removed and said they would call her with a time to visit his place of surgery.

As promised, they called within a week to set an appointment. Surgery was at 8:00 AM and we were to arrive at 7:00. We pulled up to this very nice, and professionally run, surgical complex at 6:45.

More forms again, but as soon as they were done mom was taken in and prepped for surgery. Again, the surgery was scheduled for 8:00, we were out of there by 8:20.

The first follow up, scheduled for 10:00. We showed up at 9:45, no paperwork this time. We were out by 10:00 the appointment time. Today was her last visit. The finger has healed perfectly, and again, she was seen promptly and we were out the door within a few minutes of our appointment time.

I feel it is polite to be slightly early for appointments, I also believe it is professional to be seen fairly close to your appointment time. With both of these things working together, this doctor experience was the best I have ever been involved with.

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