Giving Excellent Customer Service

by Noel
(Tanauan City, Phillipines)

Giving the best customer service . . .

Providing not just the best, but excellent customer service has been my work for almost four years now.

I've been a technical support agent for three different companies. I've worked for an ISP account, a computer manufacturer, and at present, Microsoft.

With each and every call, I have to provide 100% attention to my customer for I have to understand what they need. I have to remember, the customer is calling either because they want something or they need some help.

I try to ask them probing questions so I can identify the real problem. I empathize with the customer if needed, and let them vent if they are frustrated about some product or issue. I have to remember that they are not shouting at me, but at the situation.

I always have to put myself in the customer's shoes so I can better know what they are thinking or feeling.

The most important thing for me to remember in order for me to provide excellent customer service is to always be calm and patient because no issue will be left unresolved if I handle it well.

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