Home Of Modern Era

by Pradip Chatwani

Homes built these days must have all the modern day technology and techniques without which the home will be incomplete.

To start with the exteriors, instead of paints we can use tiles. They are easy to keep clean, just one wash and that's it, no rubbing or scrubbing required, and they are cost effective as well. Moreover, they are more durable than many other finishes. They also have many color variants and shapes.

For the interior of the home, I think emphasis must be laid on the fact that no two rooms need be decorated the same. One can be decorated with a traditional theme, another can use a modern theme, and the next can be more on an ancient theme, and so on. This gives a diversified effect and is pleasing to the eye.

One more important concept can be the use of touch screen switches and switch boards operated by remote controls.

Wooden plaster of Paris is an entirely new and upcoming concept also, along with wood walls that match wooden floor tiles.

Last but not least, the use of Italian marble in special rooms such as the drawing room area accompanied with big ancient art statues and paintings can give a royal look to a home.

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