How to Decorate Your Living Room

by Esteban C
(Costa Rica)

For the home decorators collection . . .

As all of you know, the living room is the main social space in a home because it reflects our personality.

There are a great deal of styles to choose from but the most important thing to keep in mind when we decorate is how we want our guests to feel the moment they step in the room. This room should welcome them and have a pleasant illumination with elegance under a defined style.

When you enter this room, you should feel that desire to stay there. This can only be achieved by taking good care of the elements in which the room is composed.

A good example of this would be the illumination, which should be sufficient yet indirect to the guests.

An important factor to take into consideration would be the different emotions that are provoked by the choice of colors which should preferably be calid and not cold or aggressive. Combine two or more of these tones that are complementary to each other for a good harmonious result.

Remember, When you choose the different components of the living room, you have to think of it as a unit, this is why it is imperative to carefully pick every single object or piece of furniture, because each one of them has its own form, size, shape and space within the room.

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