I am Customer Service

by Teres
(Louisiana, MO, USA)

Customer Service. Yeap, that is what I do for a living, listen to people tell me what is wrong with whatever. Fortunately I work for a company that Customers come first, so most of the time people get off the first call satisfied and don't have to wait to get service.

I write this to say my worst experiences with Customer Service are those people that won't listen to the solutions, and I hate those that demand their solution without waiting for the Company solution before the demands. I will give better service(often discounts) to people seeking help that listen to the help available. People that demand solutions their way, will usually get most of what they want but often times get left off the "freebie" list.

I have also had many AT&T waits for 15 minutes with no solutions, Ameren UE, a regional gas and electric company, demanding full payment during hard times and good past track records, and the "D" company that refuse to use generic equipment so parts are tough to replace.

I have learned from being a Customer Service Rep the kind of crap that exists on both sides of the aisle and wish for a day when every business has a BLOG available so customers can get some exposed satisfaction from the NON-service companies. The Better Business Bureau needs to go live.

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