Idea for Home Decoration

by Azhar Ali



The best way to bring your home alive is by constructing a swimming pool, but the truth is many people cannot afford them.

Keeping a tidy, well trimmed lawn in front of the house is one of the best ways to keep your home clean, and make it look special.

The entrance door to your home should lead to a waiting place. It doesn't need to be a huge area, a small area can still be comfortable for guests.

The waiting room should have glass windows so that it can be visible from outside. The door in the waiting room leading to the main portion of the house must look substantial and solid.

The main hall inside should be decorated with carpets, a vase, paintings, and a few other decorative items to match the color theme.

The various rooms should be decorated according to the theme chosen, and the color of the paint.

The favorite room in the house for the ladies is the kitchen. The color of the kitchen should be as light as possible. It should be easily cleaned.

The dining room must have an elegant dining table with a little bright lamp in the center, surrounded by appropriate decorative items.

Art should only be placed where it would look good with the chosen theme and colors. Placing it randomly would spoil the decor.

The bed rooms must have nice looking beds and bed holders. If even a small item is missplaced, the home decor could look imperfect.

A few examples are shown in the pictures that have been uploaded.

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