Kids Room Decor

by Nikita
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

A flat, or house, has four walls and pillars.

But when you make a house and people live in it, it becomes a home. When it has life in it. Just plain walls and pillars don't appeal to anybody.

Along with life and people, one must beautify or decorate the house to make a lovely place called HOME. And believe me, there are a number of things one can do to decorate the house.

One thing which I have enjoyed doing is the decorating of my son's room.

At the first look of the room, apart from changing the room colour, I have painted cartoons with a few balloons on the walls. Then one's eye is taken to the bunker bed on the top for him.

He has a study table below with some fitted shelfs created on the side for his books, games, and many other things.

His woodwork color scheme matches with his favourite color combinations. All his daily needs are available in his room.

He loves the stars, so on the roof in his room, I have star stickers. Since he loves animals, I have got a few animal posters near his table.

I guess it is one of the most exciting things which I have done for my son. I have created an ambiance which he loves to be in.

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