Kindest Taxi Driver in Dubai

by Matt

Best customer service? I used to live in Dubai, and in general it's an ultra-consumerist place with little soul and in which many people really have a 'take what you can get' mindset.

This always applied to taxi drivers too, as I'd had many who refused short distance trips or pretended to go the wrong way to 'up the fare'. Not good.

However one day I had a lovely South Asian driver, who I chatted with en route. We parted as normal, but then an hour later I received a bell at the door... I'd left my mobile phone in his cab and he'd noticed this, but not until he'd reached the other side of the city. Thus he drove all the way back to my place to give back my phone.

This was particularly delightful when you consider that had he handed it in at Dubai Taxi (his employer), I'm pretty darn sure I'd never have seen it again. What a nice man, that made my day!

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