Kitchen - The Place of Loving Stomachs

by Rema Bhuvanesh
(Angamaly, Kerala, India)

In a beautiful house the kitchen handles the leading role. It is a truth that the stomach is the entry to love or to a loving heart.

Custom says that the kitchen should be small, because if it is larger than the other areas of the home, there will be poverty. This is a Vasthu belief. A Vasthu Expert never allows one to make the kitchen larger than the bedroom or similar other areas.

There is a second reason for a small kitchen. That is, if the kitchen is larger in area than the other rooms, there will be time wasting. If the cupboard is quite a distance from the gas burner, the housewife has to do a lot of extra walking to get her cooking ingredients. She will become tired soon because of this hard work.

So, for this reason also, the kitchen should be small. It should have a small window to the dining space to deliver the food.

From the kitchen, love starts and spreads. Husbands love good food and good wives. We can see that one of the major reasons of family problems are food problems. All husbands should be deserving love and lovely food.

What we give . . . that will return.

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