Lack of Customer Service Skill

by Judith
(Minnesota, USA)

My worst rotten customer service...and lack of customer service skill experience...was from a "major computer company." It's the company that, if you replace the fist letter of their name....'D'...with the letter 'H' it describes how you feel when you are caught in their non-customer service loop.

I bought my third computer from them a year ago. (I'm a slow learner.) I paid top dollar to get their best laptop, extra memory, added programs, added a printer and some software...etc. I spent about $3,000.00 total.

My computer immediately had problems.

To make a very long story shorter, I spent a total of about 4 eight hour days on the phone, most of the time talking to someone outside the U.S. who did not speak English well at all. I was told they couldn't find a record of my order though I had all the order numbers, customer numbers, etc.

I was twice asked to wipe my hard drive and reinstall all sorts of stuff...which did not resolve the problem.

I asked to return the computer and have a new one sent to me which they refused to do despite the fact it was under warranty.

I asked to have a service person sent to my home...which in the extended warranty I purchased was stated they would do...they refused.

I finally took my computer to a local computer store, they fixed it for me for a couple hundred bucks.

You can believe that my next computer will not have a 'D' in its name!

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