Liberty Mutual and Their Amazing Customer Service!

by Andrea Cole
(Taylor, Michigan)

Best Customer Service . . .

We recently switched homeowner's insurance companies. and received a letter in the mail from our mortgage company stating that they would not pay for our homeowner's insurance out of our escrow account like they usually do.

Well, imagine our shock, we didn't have $771 dollars to mail to our homeowner's insurance company. When I tried to call our mortgage company to see what was going on and get some answers, I stayed on hold for a half hour only to be told they couldn't say anything to me about the subject because it was all outlined in the letter. Nice mortgage company!

Well, I wasn't giving up without getting some answers. I decided to call Liberty Mutual our homeowner's insurance company directly. After only a minute, I got a real live person on the phone!

I explained the letter I received from our mortgage company. They explained the letter completely, and answered all my questions without sounding annoyed or impatient. They were more than happy to help me understand what was going on.

Turns out, we just have to send the refund from our previous insurance carrier to them. The letter from the mortgage company was extremely confusing and they were rude.

Liberty Mutual not only eased our concerns about having to pay out lots of money, but did so with patience and understanding. Even laughing with me at some points!

I am happy we switched insurance companies, and will stay with Liberty Mutual for a long time to come!!

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