Lighted Business Signs

The Means of Success or Failure!

Lighted business signs . . . Why do I need them? What type should I get? Are they a waste of my money?

Lighted Business Signs

How will you "package" your business?

The enterprise of packaging is a multi-billion dollar business. Every product or service is packaged or presented with a strategy to catch the attention of the consumer. The store front of your business is no different. It is where you must put this critical business packaging and branding.

Your sign is the very first detail your customers see, and it must convince them to stop in or, at the very least, remember you and where you are located. Successful businesses package and brand their location with high visibility lighted business signs.

People judge the inside of your business enterprise from the way you look on the outside.

Your company sign is your invitation to the general population to "come on in and check us out". This invitation should have the graphic impact to grab the interest of the people traveling by.

The typical "text only" type of sign results in less than 10% visibility. New Digital Advertising Signs are "high-impact" outdoor electric signs that boost visibility up to 90%.

Every business is reliant on their existing customer base, however, the earnings produced by "new" customers are the lifeblood of every growing business.

Your organization is situated at the edge of an "income stream" of traffic. You have an incredible number of greenbacks streaming by your companies establishment every single day.

Kaching, kaching! That "drive by" traffic can be "drive through" traffic if aided by the right outdoor electric lighted business signs. An effective outdoor advertising sign catches the interest of that "drive by" traffic.

Lighted Business Sign

Very often, lighted business signs (typically called cabinet signs) are your prospective customer's first impression of your organization. Keep in mind that you will get only one opportunity to make a first impression. Every business needs an effective and competent attention getting sign or two.

Outdoor electrical sign boxes are typically available in three different formats - wall, monument, and pylon or pole signs.

This type of sign may be single faced or double-sided, having either a flat face or a raised face. These electrically illuminated, yet adjustable content signs are still very popular with many types of organizations today. A lot of companies offer regular or daily specials, and having the ability to very easily adjust the content, maintains their popularity.

Smaller light-box type signs which are illuminated with fluorescent tubes are usually cheaper. They are utilized typically as hanging lights. Commonly they are seen in the window of a small business, or hanging above the customer check out area. They are more likely higher maintenance, not as pleasing to the eye, and do dim with age.

I wonder if that's what they say about me!.

Other types of lighted business signs are neon signs. They can be customized for almost any application, and are available in many different colors. They are luminous tube signs that contain an inert gas, typically neon or argon.

They are energy efficient, attractive and eye-catching, and are thought to have more memorable appeal when compared to a typical billboard.

Except for Digital Advertising Signs perhaps, few things do as well in the sales arena as neon signs. Neon signs can be implemented in numerous retail locations.

They can be used to tell customers you are open, or simply for branding purposes. You may also hang them on store wall space to draw customers to specific areas of your store. You can place smaller neon signs on store shelving and displays to attract interest to your products or services.

Neon signs are often used for bars, pool halls, restaurants, lounges, bowling alleys, malls, and retail stores. Becaise they are so popular and attractive, they are more and more finding their way into private homes for game rooms and home theaters.

Consider Neon for your lighted business signs. Neon signs are initially very costly to produce and customize, but if they are properly cared for, they can last for 20 years or more.

When considering Custom Sign Manufacturing, lighted business signs are such a bargain. They are almost as handy as having an additional salesperson around. And moreover, they don't sleep, eat, or ask for a raise. They don't even call in sick, they just keep working for you!

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