Make Your Lighting Colorful with Colored Twig Lights

by Vandana
(Kerala, India )

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Giving your room a little bit of intrigue and mystery can be fun, especially if its your drawing room in which you receive guests.

Of course you can always add accent lighting and light up a corner when guests visit you, and you need some sort of brightly lit corners for your eatables and drinks to be circulated.

The twig lights not only add that touch of class to your lighting, but also they are not commonly seen so they are a very unique decorating idea.

Twig lights are actually lights that are attached to any other lighting and in the form of a twig or a small branch. Since twig lights have colored bulbs, the room can be made to look quite exclusive in its design.

Besides getting artificial twig lights, you can also add a bit of nature into the room by growing actual plants and weaving their vines onto the twig lights to make the twigs look natural and real.

The décor of the room is enhanced with the presence of natural plants and the dimly lit room looks quite a scene out of the woods.

Don’t forget to place a real plant near the place where you have the twig lights turned on as the shadow can enhance the decor of the room

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