Making My Home Classy

by Aleyda Farley
(Saratoga Springs)

Beautiful Wood Flooring

Beautiful Wood Flooring

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I would like to fence off my backyard with beautiful wooden fencing, so that I would feel comfortable having a jacuzzi in the backyard. The backyard would have fresh grass put up, with a little path of nice flat rocks that leads to the gate, and along the way seasonal flowers.

I would like to replace all my carpets with beautiful hardwood flooring.

Instead of the fake crap I now have for counters, I would like to add granite counter tops!!!

Instead of having shabby shelves around my home I would LOVE to put those classy shelves that you don't really use like a bookshelf, but rather put a flower pot here and some candles there, maybe a book somewhere else.

The white walls would have to go, and be replaced with beautiful colors like light greens that don't look like hospital settings, but a light deep moss green.

All the crazy lines of electronics will have to go and instead I would purchase all wireless stuff.

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