Mirror Tile Wall

by M Spelman
(Clarksville, TN, USA)

I've been wanting for awhile to take a wall of my house and lay it with mirrors.

Well, I finally did it! I went to Ace Hardware and picked up 10 packages of 10 mirrors. I made sure there was a centimeter of room between each mirror. I measured it out, and drew little lines on the wall with a pencil.

I attached the mirrors to the wall with 4 nails per mirror on each corner. They're small nails, so the holes they leave won't be too hard to fix. There was probably an easier way to do it, but I didn't look into it that much.

I'd have to say the project totaled at around $500.00. That may seem a bit high, but I get compliments on a regular basis about my wall. It looks great!

At times when I've been flipping through Google images I've seen pictures of what other people have done, but none of their projects turned out that great.

The wall sits behind my couch, and when you turn around you can see the image from the TV on all of the mirrors. Its not like that's helpful or anything, as I don't have eyes in the back of my head . . but it looks cool!

The mirrors also reflect light around the room, giving my living room in the daytime a kaleidoscope effect. It looks awesome in my house, and I am pleased with my hard work!

I'd have to say, if you want a room that looks unique and different, you should give it a try! I no longer need full length mirrors in my house, I can just go admire myself on my living room wall!!

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