Most Benefitted Service Indeed for a Customer

by Beevu Nabeel

I was very much in need of a driving licence as it was very much neccessary to proceed with my job.

I was in training for a lot of days, and at last I approached the date of the final test. As an applicant for the final road test, I was late and not on time for the given schedule. The examiner was not accepting my presence because I was not on time.

I approached the head of the customer service department of the institution to help me out. I explained the reason for my lateness. The testing departments had their own policies. The examiners were very strict on their rules.

I was afraid of losing the chance of getting the licence. The customer service person spoke to the examiner on my behalf and convinced him to admit me for the test.

I passed the test and got my licence. If the customer service person had not come to help me, I would not have received my licence yet.

I very much appreciate this customer service person and their department for their help.

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