My Best Experience of Customer Service

by David

My Best Customer Service . . .

I work as a customer care executive for the biggest bank in the United States of America, and I know how difficult it is to maintain the standards of customer support. We do it on a daily basis.

One day in March of this year, I was on a holiday with my family. I was about to understand how good it feels to the customer when the customer care executive solves the most difficult task with great ease and top graded solutions.

Well, I lost my debit card! I called the bank, and asked them how I go about getting a new one right away, because I knew if I made an order for a new card, it would not only take some time, but would also be delivered to my home address. The problem was I needed that card at my holiday location.

Well, I was not expecting the result I received. The executive was very kind to listen to me, and in fact she promised to get me a new card right away at a local bank which was connected to my bank in my home town. I just had to walk into the bank and show them some personal mail, complete some security formalities, and there it was, a brand new card, and I was able to use it immediately.

That is what I call customer support. I love my bank for saving my day.

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