My Dream Home

by Niket

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In the modern era, homes must be equipped with different modern facilities and gadgets.

Starting with the entrance, I would prefer wooden doors of original high quality wood to give a rich and elegant look.

The entrance must have a big scenery picture that reflects your religion, thinking or life goal. It will give a positive impact.

Next, stylish flooring, vitrified tiles, etc. are cost effective and popular these days.

Carpets should be avoided as they have become old fashioned now, and can be replaced with Italian marble flooring. It will enhance the richness.

Most importantly, rather than using paints in the exteriors, China has introduced a very new concept of wall tiles. It enhances the beauty and is cost effective as well.

In the other rooms and the drawing room, decorate with one or more ancient statues, or scenery such as swords or telephones, etc. This will give the rooms an interesting and different feel all together.

Finally, do away with the old ceramic tiles in the bathroom and replace it with a nice black and white combination of modern bathroom tiles accompanied with the best bath fixtures.

This will give a relaxing and rich look. Then sit back and enjoy.

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