My Idea of Creating Extra Space

by Sumathi

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Well like everyone who wants to make their home a better place to live, I also wanted some extra space so that I could easily accommodate my reading stuff and my computer.

My house has a hall that is just ten feet in length and fifteen feet in breadth, and I wanted to use that space. One day I saw a beautiful design of what I had dreamed of doing. It was exactly like what I wanted.

I made a simple calculation, and extended my roof height from regular twelve feet to fifteen feet. I then built a false floor at eleven feet. The remaining five feet was separated into a separate room with good ventilation. My computer system and my reading stuff fit very comfortably.

Now that I have this done, many of my friends come to see me, and they tell me that it was very neatly decorated.

I used lots of bright colored paint, and large windows so as to keep the fresh air flowing. I put a glass window in the roof so as to make good use of the natural light entering my room. This made it look big and comfortable.

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