New Room For Our First Baby

by Cathy
(Buckeye, Arizona, USA)

It is so nice to have a family of your own. And now that we have a new baby girl coming, my husband and I decided that we will turn the spare bedroom that we have into a new room for our new baby girl.

Right now we are tight on money and are on budget for almost everything. Although I knew that I must be very careful with the money, I also knew that I could still decorate the spare room into a nice room.

I gathered all our extra fabric from the closet, fabric that was no longer of use to me. I made a trip to the dollar store to buy a few things that I would need to decorate with.

I used my sewing machine, and sewed toys to be used as decorations in the room. I also used family photos to make a collage on the wall. This made the room very lively.

I painted parts of the room with water colors because they are cheaper.

Right now our spare room looks awesome and lively. I know that our baby girl will be happy in this room when she is born.

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