Otaku's Kindness

by Lizeth

Best Customer Service . . .

A few days ago a couple of guys opened an Otaku's store in my city (a place to buy anime/manga stuff and some other things like videogames merchandising), where there was no store of its type before.

As soon as I came into their store, the girl at the reception area greeted me, and then asked for my name very politely. She showed me all through the store which was a very little place.

She talked to me in a very kind way, always saying my name, asking me what kind of things I would like to see in the store.

She even asked me if I wanted to play some songs I liked on her pc even though the Japanese songs I liked were hard to find.

Now I am sure that Otaku store, in the future, will grow a lot and get many clients fast. Their way of doing things, makes you end up being their friends.

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