Out of the box Service provided by Amazon.com

by Sridhar
(Hyderabad, A.P. INDIA)

Best Customer Service . . .

I use Amazon.com frequently for my online shopping. I purchase a lot of books and DVD`s from them without any problems. A year ago when Amazon launched the Kindle, I was very excited to get the product and I placed an order for Kindle to be delivered to India. After placing the order within 4-5 business days Kindle was delivered to me.

I used the Kindle for one week. After a week I found that Kindle was frequently restarting on its own. I wrote about this issue to Amazon Customer care, and the customer care department responded to me quickly asking me to return the item so that they can send me the replacement.

The most impressive part in the response was "Due to the error on our part, we will pay for return shipping and send the replacement to you without any charge".

After returning the Kindle, I found that by mistake I had wrapped my wrist watch inside the return package along with the Kindle. This was a horrible situation for me, and I was concerned whether Amazon would check and return the item to me, as it was my error.

Still concerned, I wrote an email to customer care describing the situation. I got a reply from one of the associates stating that they did not get the returned package at there returns center. The associate promised me that he would track the package and let me know once they received it.

By this reply, I felt that I had lost my watch. But to my surprise, after two weeks I received a reply from the same associate stating that they had received the package and they found the watch in it. He also stated that he was returning to me the watch with my new replacement Kindle, and without any charges.

I was really happy how the situation was handled, and Amazon did not even charge me a single extra penny.

This was to me the Best Customer Service I have ever seen. From that day I believe Amazon is earth's most customer centric company.

Now I am fan of Amazon.com.

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