Positive Energy at Home and Without Any Investment

by Shamim Khan
(India - Jaipur)

In a house the prime most important thing is having a feeling of positive energy.

Now what can we do about it without having to spend a single penny? The magic is to create a feeling of free space and tidiness in the house.
Seeing a home with clean surroundings gives us lots of positive energy.

Somethings that can help us do it are listed below:

•Have a Store room.

•Store all the items you no longer use in the store room. Don’t just stock them for some might be probable use.

•Go green. Keep some indoor plants. The idea here is to have small plants for the soothing effect which nature gives. Don’t go for large indoor plants.

•Keep the house spotless clean.

•Throw away clothes you don't find useful anymore.

•Use white colours on the walls.

•Use red colours on other items to make them livelier.

• Have tile flooring and keep it clean.

• Ensure that you don’t bump into items.

• Use auto perfume systems. Possibly natural ones, or some scent stick once or twice a day.

•Further, be in shape as that will motivate you to continue with this.

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