Ready to Board?

by Kimberly Hubbard
(Sacramento, CA)

Best Customer Service . . .

My daughter is 2 years old. However, shortly before she was 2, we were standing in line ready to check in at the Southwest Airline ticket counter.

Then the question comes, "Do you have her birth certificate or immunization record?" "Sure", I reply. I reach into the compartment of her diaper bag ready to produce said document, and my hands felt nothing. I looked in my purse, stroller, and suitcase. My pulse quickened a little as time was counting down and we were running late.

There was nothing to prove that she was under 2 and therefore did not require a separate purchase for a plane seat.

"Umm, it was here. but it is not now. I do not have it." I had an idea. "Let me call her MD office. Just a minute." I reached for my cell to make the call. Sure enough, my cell phone was dead. Oh cripes. I asked if I could use their phone.

And let me tell you. They had not asked me to step aside. I firmly held my position in line, and they supported me.

I reached someone on the other end of the phone line at her MD office rather quickly. Usually it is a 20 some minute hold. I was then transferred to medical records.

And would you know it, within minutes she had faxed my daughter's immunization record to the fax machine at the Southwest check-in counter.

My daughter and I were allowed to proceed thanks to the excellent customer service from the pediatric clinic, and Southwest Airlines.

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