Simple and Cheap Decor

by Shayla Pesantes
(Fayetteville, N.C. USA)

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There is a simple and cheap way to spice up your home with decor.

One idea is to buy a small glass fish bowl from a dollar store, a small scented candle, and a bag of decorative rocks. All of these items you can find at a bargain store, like Dollar Tree.

Simply put some of the rocks in the bowl, not too full but not too empty, then place the candle on top of the rocks, slightly pushing it into the rocks to insure it won't fall over. Now you have a beautiful centerpiece that you can place anywhere around your home, on your dining table, end table, or even your coffee table.

Another idea is to buy two matching wine glasses and fill them with dried flower petals and scented oil. If you have a fireplace, put one on each side, or find another suitable place.

Another example of a cheap but beautiful accent to your home.

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