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A simple and clean house is a temple:

Many may think that placing high cost decorative items can only give richness and elegance to their home. No, keeping your home simple, clean, and spacious without using all the decorative items can very well make your home beautiful and elegant.

Dust and clean your home every week. Replace your flowers with fresh bright ones to create a mild fragnance in the living room.

Change your bed covers regularly, and allow some natural sunlight into your bedroom. Keeping natural and refreshing sceneries and pictures in your bedroom will definitely give a brisk morning feeling.

Don't dump used dishes and pans in your sink while leaving leftovers out. This may invite a stinky smell as you enter in the morning, and make you depressed.

Use anti-infectives regularly for your toilets, and keep toilet freshners close at hand.

Keep flowering plants in the veranda or corider. Seeing the colorful flowers when you enter home after a hectic day makes you feel refreshed. You can grow many plants in a used wine bottle, and keep them in the windows.

Now, many digital frames are available with rivers, and bird sounds. Place a frame in your living room so that you can be connected to nature.

If you are in a rented apartment, don't waste your money on high priced decoratives. Don't buy furniture pieces which are space occupying, and always go for the space saving units which are detachable and easy to carry and move.

Whenever you decide to buy a piece of furniture, don't buy what you saw in your friend's or colleague's house. Instead, personally visit the shop, look for a piece which can fulfil your needs, and is space saving and cheap.

Use polished brass or bronze pots in the corners with natural or artificial plants. You will be amazed to see how beautiful your living area looks.

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