Simple Tin Style Backsplash

by Glenn
(Largo, FL 33771)

Finished in Oiled Bronze

Finished in Oiled Bronze

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When I moved into my new home, the kitchen was a disaster and needed to be gutted and re-done. I was on a tight budget and when it came down to finishing detail, I was kind of at a loss and almost out of money.

I really wanted a tin backsplash for exposed wall areas, especially cooking areas. However, the tin (or any other metal) was expensive and difficult to work especially around cabinets, wall sockets, light fixtures, etc. However, I wasn't willing to give up!

I finally looked at paintable wallpaper and thought, what the hell, I'll give it a try. I found a pattern (at Lowe's) that looked exactly like the tin on the ceilings and walls in the old northeast homes to which I was accustomed.

The paintable wallpaper is relatively thick, so it hides small imperfections in the wall surfaces. It is also infinitely easier to put up as it is pliable and easy to cut!

First, figure out where you want your tin pattern to be positioned on your wall. As you will see in the finished result photo, the paper I used has squares. I wanted a full square to be seen at the corner where the countertops and walls met, so I positioned my pattern accordingly.

I started in a corner that wouldn't be seen (behind the refrigerator) and started hanging wallpaper. The hardest part is bending across the counter and adhereing the paper. It comes prepasted but you are bent over a counter quite a bit.

The paper will be a discolored beige until it dries completely. Then it turns almost pure white. I let the paper dry 24 hours, made sure all the seams were down and tight, and no corners had popped or bubbles had appeared. Then you simply paint!

I did my wall in an oiled bronze color. The paint is metallic and there are a host of different colors and finishes out there. The wall looks like tin (as you can see). So many people liked this that I've created the same effect in at least 2 dozen homes.

All told, for my 15' by 20' kitchen I think I spent around $40 - $50. One roll of paper did all of my backsplash area and one quart of paint covered it.

As I've said, I used an oiled bronze or brown metallic paint on my kitchen, but I have used verdis gris, bronze, chrome and copper in several other kitchens. I also used a muted red metallic paint to create the same effect in a bathroom for a very "vintage style" look.

It's relatively easy, inexpensive and creates a great finish that's easily cleanable!

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