So Bad They Are Out of Business!

by Mary
(Memphis, Tennessee)

About twelve years ago, I took my two school-age children and infant niece with me to Circuit City. I was shopping for a laptop computer to take home with me that very day.

When we walked in the door, the nightmare began. I got looks from both customers and employees. Yes, I had three children under 10 with me. But they were not running wild - not on my watch. In fact, the two older children were each holding a handle of the baby's stroller as we walked.

I made my way to the display of laptops and was obviously showing interest in them. Directly in front of me, about six yards away, stood a group of four or five employees. They were chatting, occasionally looking my way.

Never once did any of them ask if I needed help or anything. So, I waited, continued to look at the selection of computers. Still nothing.

Keep in mind, I had the cash - not a credit card or a check - to buy the computer. But they apparently thought a woman with three children in tow must be window shopping. She couldn't possibly afford a new computer.

As we were leaving the store, I remarked loudly on the lack of customer service and my excitement at spending my cash elsewhere. Suddenly, the employees sprang into action, but it was too late.

Instead, I went next door to OfficeMax. Within 30 seconds of entering the store, I had an employee asking if I needed anything. He was patient in answering my questions and helping me select the laptop that I later brought home with me.

It was more than ten years before I walked into another Circuit City store.

Today, OfficeMax is still in business. Circuit City is not. Wonder why....

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