Sporty Game Room

by By: ROBIN O. - obriner

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Our family is very oriented in spending time together and having fun. So, we made our family room into a large game room. We have a projection screen that you see when you first walk-in the room. We have a DVD player and a video game system hooked up to this. Therefore, we can enjoy time playing games or having a family movie night together.

We have a foosball table in the front part of the room (behind the couches so it does not block the view from the seats to the projection screen). Our kids love to play this with, and against, their friends and our family.

For decor, we have shelves that hold all of our family members' trophies and awards for sports competitions in one area. Along the long, side wall we have large photos and posters of baseball stadiums that we have visited as a family. Our family's past-time is to try to visit at least one new stadium every year, visiting all of the stadiums before the kids are out of the house.

My husband has created frames for these photos that also hold baseballs, tickets, bats, and other items we may have bought at that particular stadium. These photos always create conversations when people come over and there is no doubt that our family is about spending time together and enjoying sports.

We have created unique decor to our family that brings back great memories every time we go into the room.

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