Surprising Great Customer Service from Sonicare

by Amy
(Chicago, IL, USA)

I recently purchased a new Sonicare electric toothbrush when my three-year-old one needed to be replaced. I opened and charged it as instructed, but the toothbrush would not hold a charge.

The Sonicare has a timer so that you brush your teeth for two minutes, yet it stopped working after about 30 seconds. I called the 800 number, truthfully expecting a frustrating experience, but my experience was excellent!

I told the woman the problem and she said, “Okay, we’ll send you a new one, what is your address?” I said, “Do you need my receipt for this one?” “No.” I said, “Would you like me to send this one back to you?” She said, “Yes, but we’ll send you a package and postage along with the new toothbrush.”

I thought for sure they would have wanted to wait to receive the defective toothbrush before sending me a new one. I was thrilled. I got my new toothbrush in two days.

Thanks, Sonicare!

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