Take Out Food
From Bad to Amazing!!!

by Marie Barakat
(Tampa, FL)

Best Customer Service . . .

I ordered take out for a group from a nearby restaurant. Twice before when I have ordered, they have forgotten to give us a part of our meal. Usually we have had to go back (about a ten minute drive) and get our items.

This third time they forgot the soup. I know it is a small item, but I love their soup and was craving it. I called and told them.

Instead of telling me they would have it ready for me, they gave me a manager. I thought they did not believe me at first. The manager came on the phone and apologized repeatedly for the error. He asked me where I lived and told me he would deliver the soup himself.

When he arrived, he gave me the soup, an additional appetizer, a gift card for $10 off my next visit, and his personal business card.

Now honestly, all I wanted was the soup, but I was amazed at how they handled this situation. They took a bad situation and completely made up for it.

They definitely made sure I was coming back. It cost them an extra few bucks, but they had a customer for life.


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